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I believe life is too short to be taken seriously. We should be silly, laugh often, and never truly grow up. That's why I decided to photograph kids, their smiles are  just so contagious and  they're truly so much fun to work with. I feel like we're on the same page energy and attention wise, which is why you'll never see me telling a toddler to sit still be quiet. Who wants to get photos like what when they could be throwing confetti and having a blast and having their personality shine through in the photos?  

l've been interested in photography since I was a toddler myself, and would set up blankets behind my stuffed animals and have them hold different props. I kept exploring this interest of mine and studied it intensely in high school and started getting my work published and awarded.  I got to train with some of the top leaders in the industry and started my business officially in 2017.  I'm so lucky to get to have a career filled with so much fun, color, and glitter! 

I would love to get the chance to meet your unique family and create some adorable, fun photos for you. Keep exploring my website and feel free to reach out with any questions! 

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Hi we're the cats

Hi im Conner,
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Everything about the studio is to make the experience easier for my clients. There is a large parking lot, a waiting room with toys for the siblings to play with, a large studio room with lots of seating for the family, which is kept very empty and simple so the kids can run and crawl without breaking anything. The best feature is definitely the HUGE sink to put cake -covered kids in to easily wash them up!

This is the studio

I've  been going along with Marykate's crazy ideas for 7 years now. We have a  good deal where I build everything  for her studio, and she has to watch all the Star Wars movies and shows with me,  thankfully she thinks Baby Yoda is cute so we get to watch The Mandalorian without me building things, phew.   I'm constantly bringing up more supplies to her studio since we live down the road so  I may see you there!  

We're Tiki and Tyler. In true millennial fashion, Marykate and Conner spoil us like crazy. We get to go on walks outside on the daily, own their balcony as our "catio" and constantly cover their floor with the best toy in the world - hair elastics. We don't want pets but if they stay very still we may decide they're a comfy seat to take a nap on. The world revolves around us. 

This is diet ruiner

I'm obsessed with all things sugary,  cookies,  candy, and don't even get me started on ice cream. I have two gumball machines  at the  studio to further help the addiction.  Makes sense as someone with a sweet tooth I've managed to work at a frozen yogurt shop and cupcakery in high school, and now I spend all day with cake! 


We got married in October 2022 when I got  tired of waiting and told Conner to be free in a couple months so we could knock out the wedding. I LOVE getting photos of us done so we do at least one professional photoshoot together every year.  Please ask me to show you those! That meant after years of training Conner was a pro at posing at our wedding and was twirling me around and striking poses like no ones business.

This is the hobby

I've been to 45 of the States and also Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Germany, England, and Italy.  I absolutely love traveling and seeing new places.   I've learned I'm definitely more of a city girl  so Paris is my favorite place I've been to so far. In fact we're planning to go back and bring our wedding attire with us for some amazing photos there, so stay tuned for that!

"Marykate is amazing and have truly enjoyed the pictures she has taken of both my baby girls! She is a true professional and is great with little ones. She has great backgrounds and props, but more importantly has great vision of what will look good for photos! I highly recommend her and she is great with getting quality photos back to you in a timely manner too! - Lori

First Birthday Photoshoot

"MaryKate is AWESOME! We can't describe her job any better, she's so professional and made everything feel fun, easy and smooth with our son's 1st birthday smash cake, everything was SO GOOD that we came back for our Christmas' family indoor session.
We fully recommend her, you will LOVE her work as we do! We are definitely coming back for another photoshoot! Thank you MK!! " - Carlos 

Christmas Photoshoot

"We love each session we have done, the pictures are adorably perfect and we love all the options for backgrounds and outfits that she provides. She’s been great to work with and we definitely recommend her if your looking for someone to photograph your kids!"
- Carol 

Milk Bath Photoshoot

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