Baby Milk Bath Photos in Houston

Baby Milk Bath Photos in Houston 

This beautiful photoshoot concept results in some gorgeous photos – but the age of the baby is very important! These shoots have to happen when the baby is old enough to lift their head but before they can roll over. So around 3 months old. If you’re interested in doing this for a one year old please check out my other blog post for some fun alternatives! The flowers can be any colors you want. I have the outfit in the photos below but we could also drape around fabric for a more natural casual look too.

This shoot was also to celebrate their success with their sometimes challenging breast feeding journey. So her mom added breast milk to the bath  as well so the baby would get the benefits with her skin of taking a breast milk bath. If you’re interested in doing a shoot like this with a young baby make sure to check if they have any skin reactions to cow milk on them prior to the shoot. Please reach out if you’re interested in booking a shoot like this or if you have any questions!


First we did some photos before the bath. You also have the option of doing family or sibling photos on the white background as well as photos of the baby by themself.

Then it was time for the milk bath! Since babies always love being in warm water, this was a perfect setup for this little girl and she absolutley loved it!

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baby milk photoshoot

If you’re interested in booking a baby milk bath photos in Houston be sure to check out my website for pricing and availability information. Just click on the “kids” tab above.

Here’s also some examples of milk baths with one year olds, perfect to add-on to a first birthday photoshoot! We can also do bubble baths, fruit baths, or hot chocolate baths!


babies smiling in milk baths in a studio in houston texas