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I recently came across Tutu School Cypress and have never seen a ballet studio as cute, and as perfectly set up to accommodate tiny toddler dancers. They also offer birthday parties and I know little 5 year old me would have LOVED to have a girly birthday party there. So I just needed to share this adorable, magical ballet studio with you all! Keep reading to learn all about their ballet classes for toddlers and kids!

 What inspired you to open a Tutu School in Cypress? 

I have been dancing since I could walk! My mom has owned a dance studio for 49 years, which was basically my second home growing up. So my love of dance started at a very young age and I always knew I wanted to have a studio of my own one day. I have had the pleasure of teaching both children and adults in varieties of dance for over 15 years, but it wasn’t until I started teaching preschoolers that I truly found my passion and knew I wanted to share it with as many children as possible.

Tutu School was founded on the belief that every child should know what it feels like to dance to the strains of Tchaikovsky and Bach, that motor skill development is infinitely enhanced by moving like a bunny rabbit, dolphin, or horse, and that young imaginations benefit immensely from exploring the enchanted worlds of swans and sugar plums, of firebirds and fairies. We believe in princes and princesses that are wide awake, in teaching even the youngest of swans to soar, and that twirling should be a fundamental part of any childhood.

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What is the typical structure of a ballet class for toddlers?

Our toddler class is a parent participation class. We do ask that a grown up guides their dancer throughout the class and helps keep them engaged. We use lots a props, such as bubbles, wands, scarves, tambourines and, of course, MAGIC to keep our little ones entertained!

Our goal in our Tutu Toddlers division is to work with parents to engage their little one and give them an introduction to ballet they’ll never forget. Why? Because at Tutu School we believe that exposing children at the earliest possible age to creativity, movement, and music can only lead to good things, and that dancing out stories not only exercises little bodies but also nurtures big imaginations.

 How do you approach teaching ballet to kids in a way that combines both learning and fun?

Our classes strike a perfect balance between structure and creativity. We begin carefully laying the earliest foundation of ballet technique, and we always compliment our class work with fun and imaginative activities that keep young dancers captivated, engaged, and utterly in love with ballet.

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What qualifications and experience do your instructors have in teaching ballet to young children? 

Our instructors have an extensive background in both dance and early childhood education. They each go through extensive training through our Tutu School curriculum  both online and in class with our Master Teacher.

 Can parents observe the ballet classes for toddlers and kids, and what level of participation is encouraged from parents during the sessions? 

Yes! Our studio is a boutique style setting, where our “audience” is separated by a 3ft pony wall. So our little ones can see their grown ups, which makes them a lot more comfortable. 

In our Tutu Toddler class (ages 18 months-3yrs), it is a parent participation class. As it is so important for the atmosphere of this class to have parents and caregivers who are ready and able to support and engage with their Tutu Toddler, preparing them to gain the confidence to dance on their own.

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How do you handle children who may be initially shy or apprehensive about participating in the ballet classes?

It is  important to know that each little dancer will embrace the experience at their own perfect pace, so we never push our dancers to participate, but simply guide them through each activity when they are ready. Week after week you will likely see that they begin trying more and more of class, but in the meantime, we know that they are gaining a great deal from simply being exposed to music and movement alongside other children their age!

Are there any specific ballet outfits or shoes required for the classes, and do you provide guidance on where parents can purchase them?

Although all dancewear is welcomed and encouraged, students in our youngest division (Tutu Toddlers) are invited to wear any clothes that they can move easily in, and bare feet if they do not have ballet slippers. Adults participating in these classes should also wear comfortable clothes and bare feet or rubber-soled socks.

Tutu School asks students in its older divisions to wear leotards and ballet skirts or fitted shirts with tights or leggings and ballet slippers. No specific color or style of dancewear is required, and tutus and skirts are absolutely permitted – naturally!

You can purchase all your ballet attire at our studio! From twirling tutus to ballet slippers, we have everything your dancer needs for their Tutu class! 

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What is the class size for each session, and how do you ensure individualized attention for each child?

We allow up to 8 students per class. Our smaller class sizes allow students to get more individualized instruction from our teachers, learn more, and have more fun. With a smaller class, the chances of success for our little ones improve significantly. It helps set them up for their dance journey and boosts their confidence both in and out of class.

Are there any themed or special events throughout the year that add excitement to the ballet program for kids?

Bravo Bash is Tutu School’s twist on a traditional recital. The focus of our Bravo Bash recitals is to provide a magical introduction to the stage for very young dancers, in a non-pressured environment. We offer them twice a year – around the winter holidays and in the spring/early summer. Our Bravo Bash Recitals are held at The Berry Center.

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What is the cost structure for your toddler and kids’ ballet classes, and are there any additional fees or expenses that parents should be aware of?

Class membership is charged in installment payments of $88.00 on the 1st of each month. Monthly Tuition will be pro-rated for students joining mid-month.

Membership includes a child’s weekly class tuition, an unlimited number of make-up classes, access to special Tutu School events, and the flexibility to cancel membership at any time prior to the next billing date (in other words, by the end of each month).

There are no registration or cancellation fees. The only additional fee is if you would like your dancer to participate in our Bravo Bash Recital, there is a performance fee that includes their costume to keep, a performance gift, a digital download of your dancer in costume taken by our professional photographer, and two tickets to the performance.


What sets your ballet studio apart from others that offer classes for toddlers and kids?

At Tutu School, we provide an introduction to ballet that your child will never forget. We not only focus on teaching children age-appropriate motor skills and the fundamental principles of ballet, but also expose them to the world of classical music and the enchanting stories of famous ballets. Our Ballet Storytime curriculum is one of our favorite things about Tutu School – a chance for students to learn magical stories from the classical ballet repertoire and then dance to the beautiful musical scores that accompany those stories. Every aspect of our curriculum has been carefully crafted for each division of little dancers, and our faculty is unparalleled in its quality and devotion to what we do. In short, Tutu School is a magical place to learn, grow, and be.

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Where is the Tutu School In Cypress located? 

16718 House Hahl Rd. Suite M2

Cypress, TX 77433

Conveniently located between Bridgeland and Blackhorse Ranch. Easy access to both 290 & Grand Parkway. Located off House & Hahl in the Cypress Sports and Business Complex, across from Cypress Academy of Gymnastics and Fins Swim School.

Do you offer birthday parties at your location, and what activities are included? 

Yes! Tutu School’s Ballet Birthday Parties are the perfect way to help your little swan or Sugar Plum Fairy celebrate their special day! Each and every party includes a brief ballet class, a special birthday story featuring the guest of honor, a delicious cupcake picnic, and delightful party favors.

Take the stress out of party planning and leave all of the work to us. Simply show up and enjoy the magic!

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If you’d like to learn more about Tutu School Cypress and the amazing ballet classes for toddlers and kids they offer, visit their website here. 

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