Milk Bath Photoshoots for Babies

baby smiling at her milk bath photoshoot with pink flowers

Milk Bath Photoshoots for Babies

And other bath options too!


Babies love baths, so we always get adorable photos of them smiling and splashing in the tub! I offer baths as an add – on at my first birthday photoshoots. Find out more information on those here. Below you’ll find all the different options I have for the bath setup. Check them out and let me know which one you’d like your baby to do at their photoshoot! You can choose what kind of liquid milk or water or bubbles, which tub, and if you’d like to add – on fresh fruit or flowers too.

Option 1. Milk Bath

babies smiling in milk baths in a studio in houston texas

Option 2. Milk Bath with Flowers

baby girls smiling in their milk bath photoshoot in houston

Option 3. Milk Bath with Cookies

babies in a milk bath with cookies

Option 4. Bubble Bath

Don’t be fooled that there’s a ton of options for the milk bath and just one for the bubble bath. These are actually more popular! Your baby can splash around in a fun bubble bath and we can add bubbles in the air too for them to be mesmerized by and try and catch. I’ve never had a baby react to the bubble solution but we can always just do plain water instead if you’re worried about sensitives.

babies smiling in their bubble baths photos htc

Option 5. Milk or water with fresh fruit

Lemons, limes, grapefruit, or strawberries are all great options. We can even add rosemary for that little pop of greenery. The second tub in the photo below was brought by the client but it shows a good example of milk with fruit and rosemary.

babies sitting in a fruit bath at their photoshoot in houston

Option 6. Hot Chocolate Bath

Please let me know in advance if you’d like this one as it’s normally only available during the winter season unless you give me a head’s up. It’s made from water, milk, sugar free chocolate milk mix, and marshmallows.

babies sitting in hot chocolate baths in a studio in houston texas

You can find out more information on my hot chocolate bath mini sessions here. 


The milk bath photoshoots for babies  always turn out adorable no matter if it’s with the milk, or water we always get such sweet adorable photos at my studio here in Houston! People often add on some of the bath photos to a first birthday photoshoot. You can find all the information to my first birthday photoshoots here.