Best Disney Travel Agent in Houston

Laura Carter a disney travel agent from the vacation wizards posing at Disney

 Best Disney Travel Agent in Houston

Everyone knows planning family vacations can take all the fun out of actually going on them, so it’s best to leave that to the professionals! Laura Carter from The Vacation Wizards has you covered so you don’t have to worry about anything and can just  relax and make memories with your family.

Lara Carter , a disney travel agent, with her family

Can you give a brief description of your business and what you offer clients?
Both Disney and Universal are constantly changing their requirements or offerings and it can be extremely overwhelming. I’m there to help determine which hotel, which ticket type, which rides/parades/restaurants work the best for your family and your budget. Whether its your first time and you want help with everything from making dining reservations to detailed step by step itineraries to your 500th time, I can help with up to date happenings.
What is your price range for services?
My services are complimentary! When you book through Disney or Universal you are paying for a travel planner whether you utilize a travel planner or the travel planner is you!  My prices are the exact same as you would see on the Disney or Universal website.
What is the best way for someone to reach out to you if they have any questions or are interested in your service?
My email is and my cell is 713-962-2119.  I’m happy to chat at any time!
How do you stay updated on the latest attractions, shows, and events at Disney parks, Universal Studios and with cruises to provide accurate information to your clients?
I’m certified in both Disney and Universal destinations on an annual basis.  I also receive daily emails from the destinations on changes, happenings, etc.  In addition to that, I make sure to travel to those destinations at least once a year personally. So I can experience exactly what you are experiencing and know how best to help you.
Do you offer any additional services beyond trip planning, such as dining reservations, special event tickets, or excursions? 
Of course, I start by helping you choose which hotel and ticket options work best for your family and your budget.  I’ll send dining recommendations and activities that require pre-booking to you and then will be up at 5 AM booking those while you sleep.  In addition, I work with several vendors to make sure transportation to/from the airport is taken care of or a stroller will be waiting at the hotel for you!  If special events happen when you are there, I’ll make sure you are aware and will help purchase those tickets.  For cruises, I’ll send excursion lists for you and help you book those.
I’m also up to date on helping with food allergies or if you need to use disability access while in the parks I can help with that as well! The best part of all this if a discount comes out after you book, I’ll work to get those savings applied to your package.
What strategies do you employ to help families manage their budgets effectively while still having a memorable experience?
Many people think that going to Disney or Universal is expensive and outside their budget.  We can definitely find ways to help make the trip in your budget.  For example, there are hotels near Disney that still receive on-site hotel benefits but may be less expensive. I’ve personally toured many of those and can help you make an educated decision.  A perk of Universal is that their premier properties include express pass benefits (the ability to skip lines) so often times make more sense financially than staying at Universal’s value hotels.
Are there any insider tips or lesser-known experiences at these parks that you often recommend to families?
There are so many areas with the Harry Potter area of Universal that interacts with wand purchases that I don’t think people are aware of.  I usually send a magical guide for that aspect of Universal. With Disney, I love traveling near the holidays because the Halloween party might be one of my favorite things! The gingerbread houses during Christmas time are a great activity outside the park as well. Most of the time I also recommend families taking a day off from the parks at Disney to spend time at the pools at the hotels or visit the water parks!
What inspired you to specialize in planning trips for families to Universal Studios, Disney parks and Disney cruises? 
I grew up going to theme parks with my family and it quickly became my favorite vacations! I love seeing the imagination that goes into the details at each destination even on the cruise ships (hello! Kids clubs).  I wanted others to experience that love as well but know that it can be so overwhelming if you aren’t prepared or have time to read up on everything.
What types of accommodations do you recommend for families visiting these parks, and why?
If you have younger children, I typically tend to recommend Disneyland! It’s smaller from a land size perspective so less walking but has just as much if not more than Disneyworld! The hotels are super close so you can head back for nap time if need be.  I’m all about renting strollers off site rather than utilizing the plastic ones! I’m also a big proponent of utilizing a grocery delivery service to have breakfast on the go or in the room and bringing snacks into the park in an effort to save money!
What unique services do you provide that differentiate your business from other travel agencies?
Disney and Universal are different animals when it comes to travel destinations.  Many travel agents don’t specialize in those destinations because of the constant change and active involvement it takes!  I can’t get enough of those destinations so have a lot of experience in the rides, how to navigate the parks, what works/what doesn’t work, etc.  I’ve gone on girls trips, brought my little kids, and gone with larger groups so I have experience in planning everything.
Is there anything else you’d like to share? 
Disney and Universal are not just for kids! There are some great festivals (Food and Wine on both coasts) that are great experiences for just adults.  Disney also has a running program throughout the year where you run races through the parks. Disney isn’t just Disneyland, Disneyworld or Disney Cruise Lines either (they sail out of Galveston by the way!). I can also help with Adventures by Disney. Adventures by Disney takes the magic of Disney and provides inclusive tours all over the world (even river cruises).
Lara Carter, the best Disney travel agent, after a marathon at disney
Definitely reach out to Laura Carter to help your family have a stress-free magical vacation!
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