Glitter Sessions in Houston – The Experience

girl smiles at her glitter photoshoot in houston texas

These sessions have been so popular for YEARS! Glitter never goes out of style. If I could only do one kind of photoshoot for the rest of my life it would be glitter sessions hands down. I just love how much flexibility there is with them. Your child does not have to stay still, stay in one place, look at me, pose, all they have to do is have fun! If they’re jumping in the air catching glitter looking away from me, perfect! I’ve had a kid or two that didn’t like the glitter – no problem we played with bubbles instead. Then I photoshopped out the bubbles and replaced them with glitter.  Of course it also gives the girls the chance to live out their dream of rolling around in glitter, while wearing a pretty princess dress and sparkly crown! The most fun glitter sessions in Houston!

The Glitter Photoshoot Experience  in Houston


girl smiles at her glitter photoshoot in houston texas


glitter mini session in houston texas

You have the option of bringing in your own outfits, or using a dress from my extensive collection. You can check out the dresses I have here. Many of which are from the BEAUTIFUL brand dollcake. I have lots of hair accessories too!

glitter mini session in houston for birthday photos

Glitter sessions are often booked to celebrate an upcoming birthday. I have a glittery numbers or you’re welcome to bring in a number balloon.

glitter photographer in houston texas

Siblings can always join in for no extra cost! We’ll get photos of them together and by themselves.

glitter mini session in houston

You can use my  throne, carriage, and carousel horse props as well, just let me know ahead of time.

glitter sessions in houston with white background and rainbow confetti

You can use rainbow confetti instead of glitter  if you want a more colorful look


If you’re interested in booking one of the glitter sessions in Houston  you can view all the information including pricing and availability here.

We can always add on a glitter session to family photos, a cake smash photoshoot, or a Christmas photoshoot. If you’re already at my studio we might as well make the most of it! Click on a category at the top of my website to view the other kinds of photoshoots I offer too.