Cutest Twin Cake Smash Photoshoots in Houston

twins smiling at their first birthday photoshoot in houston

Cutest Twin Cake Smash Photoshoots in Houston

I’ve been so lucky to photograph so many adorable twins in my 6 years of business! They may be double the work but they’re also double the fun! Here’s a list of the cutest twin birthday photoshoots I’ve done so far to give you ideas, inspiration, or to show you some options we can do at my studio here in Houston if you’re interested in booking a session!

hot air balloon themed cake smash photoshoot twns

Boy Twins Hot Air Balloon Cake Smash Photoshoot

Notice how the boy on the right keeps wanting to eat his brother’s cake on his left even though he has his own HUGE cake in front of him? Such a classic twin move! I love how simple and sweet these photos are so all the attention stays on the birthday boys! Their cake is by The Caker. 
boy girl super hero first birthday photos
Boy Girl Twins Super hero Cake Smash Photoshoot
These twins did a SUPER good job at their photoshoot! Even if they couldn’t take their eyes off their mom to the side lol. I have a much bigger studio now so you can stand directly behind me! They were happy as could be the whole time!
circus themed cake smash photoshoot twin boys
 Boy Twins Circus Cake Smash Photoshoot
Their setup had everything I love my photos to have, adorable kiddos, simple outfits, and VIBRANT COLORS. It’s just so fun and festive! Notice the little giraffes with party hats? Too cute! I love the photo of one of the brothers messing with the other’s hat, total twins.
photo collage twin first birthday photoshoot
Boy Girl Twins Photo Collage First Birthday Photoshoot
I only recommend this setup if you’re ok shedding a few happy tears! The background is made up of photos of the twins from their first year, it’s printed on a soft blanket so you can take it home after and cherish it for years to come!These cuties were preemies when they were born so we also wanted to capture a photo of them at their first birthday, next to a framed photo of them when they were that small to show off how much they’ve grown!
cutest twin cake smash photoshoot in houston sesame street themed
 Boy Twins Sesame Street Cake Smash Photoshoot
These birthday boys love sesame street so we did a simple, colorful, sesame street setup for their first birthday photoshoot. Their older sister even got to join in on the fun!

twins at their fiesta cinco de mayo themed first birthday cake smash shoot in houston

 Girl Twins Fiesta Cake Smash Photoshoot
These beautiful girls had their birthday party on cino de mayo so they got cake smash photos to match and they could not have been more entertaining to watch. The girls did the exact opposite of what their mom expected, and the girl on the left LOVED her cake and didn’t want the fun time to end, compared to her sister was who upset by the cake at first but did eventually come around!
bee themed cake smash photoshoot twins
family poses with their twin boys for a studio photoshoot in houston
  Boy Twins Bee Cake Smash Photoshoot
 These boys got to enjoy some yummy cake and a fun bubble bath! I also wanted to share some adorable family photos we did before their birthday photos, I thought they turned out so cute!
girls twinkle little star first birthday photos
 Girl Twins Twinkle Little Star Cake Smash Photoshoot
 These beautiful twin girls had matching pink rompers from my collection but their mom also brought little party hats with their names on them! One of the girls LOVED their cake and the other would rather be in her moms arms, but that’s just how it goes with twins and it’s so cool getting to photograph their different personalities!
first birthday photoshoot twin boy and girlsboy girl twins pose for their first birthday photoshoot
 Boy Girl Twins Cake Smash Photoshoot
 I pitched this really unique idea to their mom and she loved it!  We did simple photos of them together, then they went their separate ways for their birthday and cake smash photos, then came back together at the end for a bath! They got to be celebrated individually and still get cute photos together too which I thought was really special!


Here’s a couple more twin birthday photoshoots for other ages that were too cute not to share!


3rd birthday dress up princess photoshoot

Girl twins Third birthday princess photoshoot.
 These cuties got to celebrate their  3rd birthday, play dress up, have a tea party, blow bubbles, and give each other all the hugs and cuddles! They were SO sweet with each other and were just filled with so much joy they were a blast to photograph.
half birthday photoshoot twins

Boy girl twins Half Birthday Photoshoot

Who says you have to wait until your kids are one to celebrate them? Especially when you’ve spent 6 exhausting months taking care of TWO babies, you deserve any excuse to book a fun photoshoot!

twins with black gold and white setup at their second birthday photoshoot

Boy Girl Twins Second Birthday Photoshoot


This was such a fun setup for some super fun excited kids! Lots of balloons, confetti, a little cake prop, and even a little car for them to play and pose on!


I hope you enjoyed all the adorable photos from my favorite  twin birthday photoshoots I’ve done! There’s no extra charge for twins instead of just one child and have tons of outfits of matching outfits and accessories so if you’re a mom to twins or to just a single child I got you covered at my photoshoots! Click here to check out more of my photos and all the information on my birthday  sessions!