Houston Fairy Photoshoot – The Experience

girl poses with a lantern at her houston fairy photoshoot

Houston Fairy Photoshoot – The Experience

A Houston fairy photoshoot is the perfect way to capture the magic of childhood. With the beautiful dresses, elegant floral crowns, magical wands and fun props, your daughter will have a blast being a fairy for the day!


I have tons of dresses and accessories your daughter can use, or you’re always welcome to bring something of your own. Click here to view my wardrobe collection. Most of my dresses are by dollcake. 

girl smiles on a floral swing at a photoshoot

The fairy wings are actually photoshopped in. I found most higher end wings were very heavy and uncomfortable for the kids to wear. So you’ll receive a copy of each photo with and without the wings photoshopped in.

girl poses on a wooden bench at her fairy photoshoot in houston

We can also include a number for them to celebrate an upcoming birthday with.

girl smiles at her 5th birthday fairy photoshoot

There’s a floral hoop they can sit in.

girl smiles in a floral hoop at a houston fairy photoshoot

A ladder they can climb.

girl reaches on a ladder at a fairy photoshoot in houston

A little mushroom stool, a lantern, flowers, wands, and more! I have a bunch of little props your kids can play with at their photoshoot.


girl with fairy wings at a photoshoot in houston

girl smiles with a floral one at a magical photoshoot in houston texas

You can also do timeless photos of  your child or family  on a white background at your photoshoot for no extra fee.

girls smiling at a family photoshoot in houston


Thank you for reading all about the Houston Fairy Photoshoot I offer.  Make sure to also check out my glitter photoshoots here.


girly glitter photoshoot with dresses in houston