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balloon decorations in houston

Balloon Decorations in Houston

By POPCreations

Can you give a brief description on your business and what you offer clients? 

Hello, I’m Kim Rubinson, a proud local mom and the owner of POPCreations. At POPCreations, we specialize in crafting stunning balloon arrangements, including garlands, arches, centerpieces, columns, and much more. Our services cover a wide range of events such as birthday parties, proms, sports banquets, school dances, dance recitals, and graduations, graduation parties and baby showers. Additionally, we offer personalized balloon bouquets for birthdays, graduations, retirements, and any other occasion where you desire a truly unique balloon creation. Choose POPCreations for exceptional balloon decorations in Houston!

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What inspired you to start your business? 

I became inspired to start something special when my son, Noah, left for college, and I realized that my daughter, Ella, who has learning differences, would always be by my side. As a local Memorial mom, I wanted to create an activity that Ella and I could cherish together, although she loves to humorously claim all the credit! We’ve been having an absolute blast! Ella has become my incredible sales assistant, enthusiastically telling everyone, ‘My mommy creates amazing balloon designs! Do you need some?’ Working with her has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and we’ve formed a strong bond through it all.

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 What types of events do you typically cater to with your balloon decorations in Houston?

I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of events, and it’s something I genuinely enjoy. Working closely with each client to understand their vision and ideas is a priority for me. To ensure a clear understanding, I like to provide sample visuals that help my clients visualize how the event will look once I’m finished. This collaborative process ensures that their expectations are met and allows us to create a truly remarkable experience together.

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What makes your balloon decorations unique compared to other companies in the industry?

What sets my balloon decorations apart is the emphasis I place on uniqueness. By intentionally limiting the number of orders I take on each month, I ensure that every project receives the meticulous attention to detail it deserves. This approach allows me to dedicate ample time and focus to create truly distinctive balloon designs that reflect the vision and preferences of each client.

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Do you offer any customization options for your balloon decorations?

I specialize in providing personalized balloon decorations that add a unique touch to any event. Whether it’s logos, custom wording, or individual names on balloons, I have the expertise to bring your ideas to life. Additionally, I can incorporate foil balloons to spell out words, depending on the size of the area or bouquet. This versatility allows me to create stunning and customized balloon arrangements that perfectly suit your specific needs and preferences.

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What was your favorite balloon decoration you’ve created so far? 

I find it challenging to choose among my various balloon projects. However, if I had to pick a favorite decoration, it would be the one that marked the beginning of my business. Back in 2021, I launched my business by creating Elf Arrival Hot Air Balloons, which would mysteriously appear in children’s homes on December 1st alongside their elf. Witnessing the sheer joy and wonder in the children’s eyes was truly magical. It served as the inspiration for me to continue producing this product each year. This initial success also motivated me to expand my business to include other products, as I realized I could bring happiness to others through my creations. Each project holds a special place in my heart, especially when clients share their pictures with me.

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How far in advance should clients book your services for their events?

To ensure that I can fulfill each order to the best of my ability and provide personalized attention to every event, I kindly request clients to provide at least a two-week notice. This allows me to plan accordingly and ensure I have the necessary inventory to complete the order. However, I do encourage clients who know well in advance that they would like to book with me to secure their spot early. While I strive not to turn away clients, I prioritize maintaining a balanced workload and avoid overbooking. If there’s a last-minute request and I have the availability, I’m more than happy to assist and provide my help!

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What is your approach to pricing your balloon decorations? Do you offer packages or is it based on customization and complexity?

When it comes to pricing, I believe that each request for balloon decorations is unique. Balloons can be challenging to price accurately without understanding the details of the event and the specific area where the decorations will be placed. That’s why I always request clients to provide a picture of the event space or area, allowing me to visualize and better comprehend their needs. Having a budget in mind from clients helps me explain what can be included within their desired price range.

Please find below some general starting prices for reference:

•Garlands start at $22 per foot.

Balloon bouquets start at $65.

•Columns start at $65.

Additionally, many of my customers have special requests such as specific tassel colors, accessories, vinyl lettering, and more. These customizations are priced separately, depending on the nature of the request. It’s important to note that I use only the highest quality balloons for all of my work, and I take the time to craft each piece to match the level of detail and aesthetics I would expect for my own personal event.

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Do you offer any balloon decorations that could be gifted, such as left on the doorstep for a friend to celebrate their birthday or a new baby? 

To surprise and delight with my balloon bouquets, a wonderful way to bring joy to anyone! Additionally, I specialize in creating stuffed balloons that can be filled with a wide variety of items provided by the client. I carefully place these items inside the balloon, creating a playful and captivating presentation. It’s a fun and unique way to add an extra “POP” to any special occasion!

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What do you enjoy most about creating balloon decorations for events?

Bringing smiles to my customers’ faces and witnessing the joy that my work brings to others is truly rewarding for me. I have always found happiness in making others happy, and this business allows me to do exactly that. It’s a fulfilling experience to see the smiles and positive reactions my creations evoke, and it fuels my passion to continue spreading joy through my balloon designs.

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Is there anything else you’d like to share?

As I’ve mentioned previously, my business initially began as a way to find an activity that my daughter and I could share and enjoy together. However, I never could have anticipated just how much I would personally derive joy from it. The smiles I witness are a testament to the time and effort I invest in each order, making every moment worthwhile and fulfilling.

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