Soft Play Rental in Houston – Wonderland Soft Play

two fast soft play rental houston wonderland soft play ball pit bounce house

Soft Play Rental in Houston – Wonderland Soft Play

What inspired you to start your company? 

In 2019, I was making preparations for my rainbow baby who was turning ONE. I actually came across a post on Instagram of a cute little Soft Play area at a birthday party in California and immediately knew I wanted this at her party. Here we are, almost 4 years later and she is still our favorite product tester!

two fast soft play rental houston wonderland soft play ball pit

Can you give a brief description of your business and what you offer customers? 

Wonderland Soft Play offers unique party rentals and decor to create a fun experience for kids and kids at heart. We carry a variety of modern Bounce Houses, Ball Pits, Soft Play, Kids Tables and more recently a Bubble House!

bubble house houston

Can you explain what soft play and a bubble house is? 

Soft Play is play equipment made of foam that is designed for young children. This can include blocks, tunnels, climbers, slides, ball pits and other interactive structures. Soft Play offers sensory stimulation by incorporating various shapes, colors, textures and sounds. It also encourages children to engage in social interaction with their peers to develop social skills. Aside from being a cute play area, it’s designed with safety in mind. The cushioned surfaces minimize the risk of injury and provide parents with peace of mind while allowing their children to engage in active play. A Bubble House is a large, air-filled structure that kids and adults can walk into. It resembles an igloo and is filled with colorful balloons that float and circulate inside the dome. The Bubble House has been the latest trend in birthdays, weddings and even gender reveals! It makes for a pretty cool photo op!

two fast soft play rental houston wonderland soft play

 What are your most popular soft play rental items and most popular combo and their costs? 

Our most popular items truly vary on the amount of guests our clients are hosting. If you are only hosting a very small group of kids, the Soft Play area and a Mini Bounce House ($690) is the most popular. These together are a magical combination for ages 1 to 5. On the other hand, we also have clients who are throwing huge birthdays and are inviting lots of friends to celebrate. These clients typically book a large Ball Pit area plus a large modern Bounce House or a custom order with multiple items.

two fast soft play rental houston wonderland soft play bounce house

How far in advance should customers book their rental items for a birthday party?

If your event is on a Saturday, we recommend booking 8-10 weeks in advance. If your event is on any other day, 3-4 weeks is perfect!

two fast soft play rental houston wonderland soft play

Can you set up outdoors? 

Absolutely! In the summertime however, we require our clients to provide a well shaded area.

two fast soft play rental houston wonderland soft play bounce house ball pit

Are you able to decorate the rentals to match the party’s theme?

My favorite question E V E R haha! Yes, we can absolutely help with decorating the equipment to match any theme (Like seriously! ANY theme)

soft play rental houston pwonderland soft play ball pit

 What age range of children do you typically cater to? Are your services suitable for toddlers, older children, or both?

Most of our clients book us for 1st birthdays all through 10th birthdays. However, we cater to all ages! We’ve celebrated half birthdays and even 60th birthdays! Fun has no age limit and we’re always ready to bring it!

ball pit houston wonderland soft play

How do you ensure the safety and cleanliness of the rental items?

We take sanitation very seriously! In order to provide the cleanest environment for our clients and their guests, our equipment is only rented ONCE per day. This means that after every event pick up, our equipment is taken into our warehouse where it is cleaned using a safe disinfectant and stored away until its next use. At its next use, our team will wipe everything down at completion of the set up for your guests to enjoy. Balls from the ball pits are washed with water, soap and disinfectant after every rental. Our Bounce Houses are routinely power washed and disinfected after every booking.

soft play rental houston pastel wonderland soft play

 What sets your company apart from other rental services in the area?

Aside from our years of experience, we have a variety of options in our inventory and can customize everything to match the vision your request. If you are looking for someone to take care of the entire party experience with decor and activities, we can do that too!

bluey themed soft play rental in houston wonderland soft play

 Are there any specific rules or guidelines that customers need to follow when using the rental items for birthday parties?

Lots! So many that we have a contract for our clients to sign! Haha Most important rules are: no face painting, no shoes, no food and no water/drinks.

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Do you offer additional services or packages for customers who want a more comprehensive birthday party experience?

We do! Our sister company Wonderland Events, takes care of all the Event Styling services you may need. From balloons to venues and everything in between, we can help make your event a memorable one! You can find some of our work here: 

two fast soft play rental houston wonderland soft play ball pit bounce house

How can someone view more information on your services and book you for their child’s party?

The best way to inquire is by filling out the inquiry form on our website. There, you will also find pictures, prices and measurements for our equipment.  If you have any questions email us at  We have an amazing Event Coordinator on our team that handles all of our admin and will respond to your questions promptly. If you want to see us in action, follow us on our Instagram and Facebook


If you’re looking for a soft play rental in Houston, Wonderland Softplay has you covered! Be sure to check out their social media to view HUNDREDS more photos of their adorable and fun setups!

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