Hot Chocolate Bath Photoshoots in Houston

Hot Chocolate Bath Photoshoots in Houston

These Hot Chocolate/Hot Cocoa bath photoshoots in Houston for babies and kids just gets more and more popular every year!  Here’s all the information on them so you know exactly what to expect at your own photoshoot.


Hot Chocolate Bath Photoshoots in Houston – All your questions answered


What age range is best for the hot chocolate bath photos?

9 months – 4 years. If your child is under 9 months and able to sit up unassisted then that’s fine! If they can’t sit unassisted that’s a big safety risk and they’ll need to do the fake bath instead.

child smiles at their hot chocolate photoshoot in houstn

What’s the fake bath?

The Fake bath is a brown blanket, with some marshmallows. We do this for kiddos that can’t quite sit up on their own yet OR for parents that just want a quick photo and would like to skip the mess that comes with the real bath.

So what’s the real bath?

The bath is made up of warm water, sugar free Nesquik chocolate milk mix, and a little bit of milk, and marshmallows too.  Please note if your child has a milk allergy they can’t do the bath.

Are the marshmallows real?

They are! Most kids love taking a couple bites of them and it makes for cute photos! I’ll ask at the shoot if it’s ok if they eat some, it’s also completely fine to not let them eat them and we’ll just leave them on the floor as decoration.

Do most kids like the bath?

25% of kids love it immediately and smile the whole time, 25% of kids are unsure of it and first and need a couple minutes to warm up to it then love it 25% of kids are unsure of it and never quite come around and are just ok being in it, and the last 25% want absolutely nothing to do with it and scream and cry, (two year olds mostly) so this is why we always get photos before the bath! So please understand it’s a possibility your child won’t like it, I’m happy to give them time to adjust but sometimes it’s not their thing and we can’t force them to like it and smile.

child smiles in a hot cocoa mug

Can we clean them up after?

Yes I have a large sink at my studio you’re welcome to put kiddos  in to rinse them off as well as lots of baby wipes for a quick clean.

Can we do sibling photos with the mug?

We won’t do two mugs for two kids, if they can both fit in one mug comfortably great! Or one child can sit next to the other one while they’re in the bath. Just know they could get milk splashed on them so if that’ll make them mad I’d just stick to the normal sibling photos before the mug prop comes out.

siblings pose at their hot chocolate mini session

What should they wear?

Boys normally just wear a diaper. Girls can wear a diaper and one of my cute christmas necklaces, or they could wear a onesie, or even a cute christmas themed swimsuit! View some cute swimsuit options here.

houston christmas hot chocolate mini photoshoot

Do you reuse the milk?

No, it’s dumped out, cleaned, and refilled for each child.

girl poses hot chocolate christmas baby photoshoot

What if I want hot chocolate photos with a different background of yours?

For the hot chocolate mini package you can only choose from the two backdrops “Hot Chocolate” and “Gingerbread Village” below.  however if you book the full package then you can choose from almost any of my backgrounds, then add on the $25 bath fee. There’s no extra fee to do the bath with the hot chocolate mini package.

girl poses at a hot cocoa photoshoot


Can we take normal photos too?

Absolutely! In fact I always take photos before we put the child in the hot chocolate bath, this way we get more variety and we have back up photos just in case they don’t love the bath. You can even skip the bath/mug prop completely and just get adorable normal photos on the fun backgrounds. We can do family photos, sibling photos, or just photos of your little one.

hot chocolate mini sessionhot cocoa photoshoot houston

Please let me know if you have any other questions! These hot chocolate photoshoots in Houston are so fun and give us really adorable unique photos and I absolutely can not wait to do them again this upcoming Christmas season!

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