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First Peek 3D Ultrasounds is an amazing local business that offers  3D Ultrasounds in Houston in the comfort of their client’s homes. Scroll down to read more information on this unique business.


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Can you give a brief description on your business and what you offer clients?

We offer elective obstetric ultrasounds, including sneak peeks, gender ultrasounds, and 3D/4D ultrasounds. We are a mobile business, and all of our exams are performed in the comfort of the patient’s home.

What is the price range for your services?

We have a few different packages. Our pricing ranges from $175 – $425. Our most common packages are the First Peek ($175), Prince or Princess ($200), and First Peek 3D ($275). The two higher priced packages are combination packages which include either the First Peek and First Peek 3D or the Prince or Princess and the First Peek 3D.

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What is the best way for someone to reach out to you if they have any questions or are interested in your service?

There are multiple ways to reach us. Our phone number is 346-762-3485. You can call or text this number, whichever you prefer. We can also be reached through messenger on Facebook & Instagram.

 What inspired you to offer mobile 3d ultrasounds in Houston?

I was working in a hospital when the covid pandemic hit. I was also halfway through my pregnancy with my first baby, then furloughed from my job. My husband could no longer attend any appointments with me. And, even once things started opening up, there was often a limit regarding visitors. This was our whole inspiration for First Peek 3D Ultrasounds.

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 How do you ensure the safety and accuracy of the ultrasound equipment and procedures when conducting mobile prenatal ultrasounds?

This is a great question, and just might be my favorite. I am a triple registered diagnostic medical sonographer. I obtained my associates degree in diagnostic medical sonography in 2015 from Del Mar College. Although these are elective and non diagnostic exams, I still feel it is important and ethical to have someone properly educated & trained in sonography performing the exam. And this is something you
won’t find at every ultrasound studio. But, it is the core of what First Peek 3D  Ultrasounds is.

What can expecting parents expect from their ultrasound experience with you?

Patients can expect to have a truly unique ultrasound experience. We arrive and set up all of our equipment. We even have a way to wirelessly connect to a TV so the ultrasound is displayed on a larger screen. This is especially convenient for patients who have invited multiple people. As I stated previously, us being a mobile company allows the patient the chance to invite as many or as few people as they’d like. We
can do a gender reveal party or a small intimate family gathering. Aside from a unique and fun experience, patients can always rest easy knowing that their exam is performed following all the recommended safety guidelines for medical ultrasound equipment.

 Do your clients receive prints or digital copies?

Our clients will receive a printed out 4 x 6 collage and a USB/USB-C flash drive which will contain ALL the pictures and video clips from the scan.

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Is there a limit to how many family members or friends your clients can have with them at their appointment with you? 

No, that is the benefit of having these performed in your own home. You can invite as many or as few people as you would like. The only thing we ask is that there is an adult aside from the patient to supervise any children that may be present.

What areas of Houston do you cover with your mobile services, and are there any  additional fees based on location?

We cover all of Houston and surrounding areas. Our home office is located in the Richmond/Rosenberg area, we do charge a $50 travel fee outside of a 30 mile radius. That means Sugar Land, Katy, Bellaire, Richmond, Rosenberg, Rosharon, and Sienna Plantation are all within the initial service area.

 Can you explain the process of scheduling an appointment for your mobile ultrasound services, including how far in advance expecting parents should

Patients can book via our website, They can also contact us directly to book. I highly recommend patients to call a week prior to when they want to have us come out, and to keep in mind how far along they are as we do offer a rescan policy for our patient under 34 weeks.


Definitely reach out to First Peek 3D Ultrasounds if you’re interested in a 3D Ultrasound in Houston!